Bridge to a Better Life Foundation

A Better Life

What do we mean when we say our mission is to build a bridge to a “better life?”

First off, we believe all people are equal. We are not looking down on any other person or thinking we are better than another. Having empathy and feeling another person’s pain while wanting to help is different than sympathy or feeling sorry for someone else. We are not attempting to decide or determine exactly what a “better life” will be for another person. We believe each individual must decide the life they want and what will be better in terms of an improved situation, a healthier and happier quality of life for themselves.

We have researched and witnessed the harmful, stressful and damaging effects of poverty, forced marriage or sexuality, especially as a child. Abuse of any kind and especially female genital mutualtion is so wrong on every level. No one should make painful, harmful, lasting choices for your body without your awareness or consent. A child needs to feel safe and loved. In communities where there are limited opportunities to be aware of healthier choices or get out of abusive situations, we want to help and provide a protected path to a better, healthier life. In communities where there are limited resources, we want to do what we can to provide food, shelter and education. We strive to empower girls and women to become educated and learn ways to sustain and support themselves if needed.

We are fully aware of and admit that we can’t meet every need. As much as we want to help, each Mother and individual girl must want and choose to improve their life and the opportunities they provide for their children.

When someone is seeking help in the targeted community we are working in, then we want to have the resources to provide support and a protected shelter, with food and opportunities to learn, grow and have a better life. As we are able to meet those needs, we hope to grow into helping in more communities.

We believe that our lives are better and more fulfilled by helping others. We are so grateful for those who help and want to share this journey with us. We want to provide you with the information and updates you need to feel safe and confident in the work we are doing in Sierra Leone, West Africa. When the funds are available to continue building bridges and helping others have a better life in more communities, we want to branch out. So thank you for taking the time to seek more information on how you might partner with us and Build a Bridge to a Better life.