Bridge to a Better Life Foundation


Help us build a BRIDGE TO A BETTER LIFE. Your tax-deductible donation is greatly appreciated. 

The best way for you to help is through sponsorship. As a result of donations received, Bridge to a Better Life develops and supports local programs while partnering with various organizations doing related work. 


Provides school fees, books, supplies, clothes and school uniform and shoes for a child to attend school in Sierra Leone. Children have the opportunity to go to school. Usually the school attendance fails, because parents cannot afford to buy schoolbooks for their children, and they do not have a suitable school uniform.


Provides temporary shelter and at least two meals per day for single Moms and their families and orphans in need. 


Provides food and shelter sponsorship, with the addition of healthcare and necessary medicine 


With your donation, Bridge to a Better Life not only supports one child, but also their family and projects, such as building schools that benefit the whole community. This is especially important for the acceptance of our local work. The parents receive financial support for food and other important expenses such as electricity and water in order to provide for the family’s wellbeing and to prevent them from giving their children to FGM, early marriage or from sending their children to work instead of school. 


They are one-time donation of any amount to help us build a Bridge to a Better Life, by providing opportunities and human rights advocacy for Sierra Leoneans to live a safe, peaceful life in a just society. Bridge continues to grow into extended regions in Africa and around the world through collaboration with related partner agencies.


Do you own a home you are willing to donate or do you wish to become a sponsor that supports this initiative to provide for Single Mothers? Bridge homes provide a shelter and safe haven for families escaping abusive situations. Most of these homes are in a private location and investors are required to keep this information confidential to protect the families in need of shelter. Become a BRIDGE sponsor and note that you want to designate your donation to a Shelter Home.