Bridge to a Better Life Foundation

    Our mission is to reduce gender inequalities through economic empowerment and gender advocacy to prevent and protect girls from FGM (female genital mutilation) and child marriage, while providing education, shelter and support for single Moms and kids in marginalized communities.


    Since 2013 under the name Hope Foundation of Sierra Leone, Bridge, in conjunction with rural communities has been actively giving and serving in Sierra Leone. This has yielded a reduction in gender inequalities through several approaches and support for single Moms and kids in marginalized communities.

    S.M.I.L.E. HOUSE

    Bridge in collaboration with SMILE House is working to provide a safe haven and support for single parents escaping abusive situations and allow healthy families to work together, to support the needs of the integrated family. The members get to share their individual gifts and strengths in their specific roles.


    There are many ways to get involved in this transformation process. Our dream has always been to go global. Help us reach our goal of economic empowerment and gender advocacy for girls while providing quality education, shelter and support for single Moms and kids in marginalized communities.

    Join the Team

    Bridge to a Better Life work as a team and collaborate with aligned organizations to address the complex needs related to gender in African communities, with compassion for humanity, seeking understanding and respecting privacy.

    In Need of a Bridge? We Can Help

    Are you a single Mom living in Sierra Leone in need of support to leave an abusive marriage or a young girl who wants to stay in school and not be married? Are you a Mother who needs support to keep your kids in school and committed to not giving your girls to be married young?


    Make one-time donation of any amount to help us build a Bridge to a Better Life, by providing opportunities and human rights advocacy for Sierra Leoneans to live a safe.


    With your donation, Bridge to a Better Life not only supports one child, but also their family and projects, such as building schools that benefit the whole community.


    The water crisis in most parts of Africa is massive. Not only does dirty water cause diseases, but also getting clean water take up time of parents and children. But together, we can solve it.

    Bridge to a Better Life Org 117 education


    Do you own a home you are willing to donate or do you wish to become a sponsor that supports this initiative to provide for Single Mothers Integrated Living Exchange Houses?


    With support from our partners, the SMILE House Project® is providing girls with the tools they need to successfully navigate adolescence. Some of our partners include:


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    A Better Life

    What do we mean when we say our mission is to build a bridge to a “better life?”

    November 9, 2021