Female Genital Mutilation (‘FGM’) is the removal of a young girls’ genitals through a painful procedure, often with blunt tools and rarely with anesthetic. The genitalia is partly or entirely removed supposedly to suppress sexual desire. This secret society and ceremony called “Bondo” is where genital mutilation is conducted on prepubescent girls between the ages of 4 and 10. Unfortunately, those who conduct the ritual don’t realize the incredible pain these girls endure for the rest of their lives. While most survive this inhumane ritual, the complications do lead to a concerning number of deaths. The healing process involves the sewing together of the labia or outer lips. Only a small hole for urine and menstruation remains. The girl’s legs are bound together while she lies, unable to move, for about three weeks. The healing is nearly completely undone when the girl marries, as the scar needs to be re-opened, by her new husband, before intercourse. This is a completely barbaric form of torture.

After the ritual, girls are paraded into the community as a celebration occurs where men can look at possible young brides. Young girls in many cultures aren’t entitled to make their own decisions about what happens to their bodies. In fact, the belief is that by putting these girls through genital mutilation at a young age, they will not cave into sexual desires and will be more loyal to their husbands. This is a tragic crime and violation of Human rights.

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