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Domestic Violence

We work with women in various communities to curb violence against women in Sierra Leone. Violence in Sierra Leone is shaped by several factors, related to cultural attitudes, the history of conflict, the political environment and donor interventions. Influenced by these factors, women in Sierra Leone are subjected to numerous kinds of violence, which are often interrelated. This includes domestic violence (physical, economic, and emotional/psychological), communal/cultural violence, sexual violence, and structural violence.

Our organization provides assistance in the form micro finance, counseling, and providing safe shelter for women on the streets and supporting those who’ve been through domestic violence. Our organization is empowering a lot of women to heal through turbulent domestic issues by providing psychosocial support and taking them through a healing process of the prevalent mental health issues they carry.

Our experience working with these women has revealed that domestic violence and customary practices (such as female circumcision and child marriage) are considered the most common forms of violence.

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