Bridge to a Better Life Foundation


We need your help to continue our transformative work. Bridge to a Better Life is a 501C3 non-profit organization working in Africa to improve and protect the lives of young girls, single mothers and their families. Founder Joel Salifu Kanu is now planning to also build shelter homes for homeless veterans in Columbus, Ohio. Please be aware when you give – select and be clear on which cause you are supporting. 

  • EDUCATION SPONSOR: $10/month, $120/year
  • FOOD & SHELTER SPONSOR: $20/month or $240/year
  • FAMILY SPONSOR: $30/month or $360/year
  • COMMUNITY SPONSORSHIP: $50/month or $600/year


  • Golden Bridge Sponsor: $10,000
  • Silver Bridge Sponsor $5,000
  • Brass Bridge Sponsor $2,500
  • Brick Bridge Sponsor $1500
  • Wooden Bridge Sponsor $1,000
  • Helping Hand Bridge Sponsor of any amount